Experimental study of the dynamics of material particles in a turbulent flow

Mickael Bourgoin

Laboratoire des Ecoulements Geophysiques et Industriels, Grenoble, France

Jueves 15/10/2009, 14 hs
Aula Federman, 1er piso, Pabellón I 

Turbulent transport of material inclusions plays an important role in many natur al and industrial situations. Being able to accurately model and predict the dyn amics of dispersed particles transported by a turbulent carrier flow remains a c hallenge. One critical and difficult point is to correctly describe the turbulen t dynamics of particles over a wide range of sizes and densities. We present hig h resolution acoustical Lagrangian measurements of inertial particles transporte d in a grid generated turbulent flow. The size of the particles and their densit y have been systematically varied. We will present Lagrangian statistics of the particles dynamics (velocity and acceleration), which we find to exhibit non tri vial, size and density effects.


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