Nahuel Omar Miron Granese

Graduate Teaching Assistant

PhD Fellow

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Gravitation Cosmology And Large Scale Structures

Research area: Cosmology and gravity

  • Cosmology
  • Primordial Magnetic Fields
  • Relativistic Hydrodynamics
  • Nonequilibrium quantum field theory


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Selected publications

N. Mirón Granese and E. Calzetta, “Primordial gravitational waves amplification from causal fluids”, Phys. Rev. D 97, 023517 (2018)

N. Mirón Granese, A. Kandus and E. Calzetta, “Nonlinear Fluctuations in Relativistic Causal Fluids”, JHEP 2020, 64 (2020)

E. Lescano and N. Mirón Granese, “On the phase space in Double Field Theory”, JHEP 2020, 239 (2020)

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