Horacio Grinberg

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Research area: Atomic And Molecular Physics


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Selected publications

"Nonclasssical Effects of a Two-Level Spin System Interacting with a Two-Mode Cavity Field via Two-Photon Transition"; Horacio Grinberg; J. Phys. Chem. B 112 (2008) 16140-16157.

"Quadrature squeezing and information entropy squeezing in nonlinear two-level spin models"; Horacio Grinberg; Int. J. Mod. Phys. B, 24 (9) (2010)1079-1092.

"Nonclassical effects in a highly nonlinear generalized homogeneous Dicke model"; Horacio Grinberg; Annals of Phys. 326 (2011) 2845-2867.

"Variance squeezing and information entropy squeezing via Bloch coherent states in two-level nonlinear spin models"; Horacio Grinberg; Optik, 125 (2014)5566-5572.

"Nonclassical effects in the second hermonic generation"; Horacio Grinberg; Optik, 127 (2016) 4447-4453.

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