Susana J. Landau

Main Teaching Assistant

Independent Researcher

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Gravitation and Cosmology: Theory and Phenomenology

Research area: Cosmology and gravity

  • Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Inflation
  • Modified Gravity


- Cosmic Microwave Background radiation: Statistics and Cosmological Parameter estimation
- Modified Gravity: Observable effects in galaxies and cosmology
- Violation of the Weak Equivalence Principle in chameleon models and modified gravity
- Quantum collapse inflationary models

Selected publications

- "Galaxy clusters, type Ia supernovae and the fine structure constant" R.F.L.Holanda; V.C.Busti; L.R. Colaco; J.S.Alcaniz y S. J. Landau Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 8, 55 (2016)
-''Primordial gravitational waves and the collapse of the wave function" G.León, L.Kraiselburd y S.J.Landau Physical Review D 92, 083516 (2015)
- ''Inflation including collapse of the wave function: The quasi-de Sitter case" G.León, S.J.Landau y M.P.Piccirilli Eur.Phys.J. C75 8, 393 (2015)
-''Cosmological constraints on nonstandard inflationary quantum collapse models'' S.J.Landau, C.G.Scóccola y D. Sudarsky. Physical Review D 85 123001 (2012)
-'' Constraints on variation in $\alpha$ and $m_e$ from WMAP 7-year data''S.J.Landau and C.G.Scóccola . Astronomy and Astrophysics 517, A62 (2010) arXiv:1002.1603
- ``Primordial Nucleosynthesis with varying fundamental constants: A semi-analytical approach ``; S.J. Landau, M..E. Mosquera y H. Vucetich. Astrophysical Journal 637 pags 38-52 (2006)
-``Supernovae, CMB, and gravitational leakage into extra dimensions''; C. Deffayet, S. J. Landau, J. Raux, M. Zaldarriaga, P. Astier, Phys.Rev.D66 (2002) 024019

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