Pablo Balenzuela

Adjoint Profesor

Independent Researcher @ CONICET. Adjoint Professor @ UBA

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Social Physics Lab

Research area: Statistichal mechanics and complex systems

  • Complex Systems, Social. Physics


In the digital ecosystem, news and its repercussions spread almost instantaneously. We aim to understand the spatio-temporal patterns that emerge from this flow of information. To do so, we analyze massive databases of social networks and media and develop mathematical models to interpret our collective behaviors from basic interactions between subjects.
We develop theoretical models with tools from statistical mechanics, nonlinear dynamics and complex network theory. Our methodology for the treatment of experimental data includes a battery of machine learning algorithms.

Selected publications

- “The undecided have the key: Interaction-driven opinion dynamics in a three state model”, Pablo Balenzuela, Juan Pablo Pinasco & Viktoriya Semeshenko. PLoS ONE, 10 (10). e0139572. doi = 10.1371/journal.pone.0139572. (2015)

- “Setting the Agenda: Different strategies of a Mass Media in a model of cultural dissemination” , Sebastián Pinto, Pablo Balenzuela and Claudio O. Dorso. Physica A : Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 458: 378-390 (2016).

- “Brain organization into resting state networks emerges at criticality on a model of the human connectome”, Ariel Haimovici, Enzo Tagliazzuchi, Pablo Balenzuela, and Dante Chialvo. Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 178101 (2013).

- “Ising-like dynamics in large-scale brain functional networks”, Daniel Fraiman, Pablo Balenzuela , Jennifer Foss y Dante Chialvo, Phys. Rev. E 79, 061922 (2009).

- On the role of chemical synapse in coupled neurons with noise P.Balenzuela and J.Garcia-Ojalvo
Phys.Rev.E 72, 021901 (2005).

– A neural mechanism for binaural pitch perception via ghost stochastic resonance
P.Balenzuela and J.Garcia-Ojalvo Chaos 15, 023903, (2005).

- Time dependence of critical behavior in multifragmentation.
P.Balenzuela, A.Chernomoretz and C.O.Dorso
Phys.Rev.C 66, 24613 (2002).

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