Luis Ernesto Bilbao

Adjoint Profesor

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Research area: Fluids and Plasmas


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Selected publications

Bilbao, Luis. "On Faraday's law in the presence of extended conductors." American Journal of Physics 86.6 (2018): 422-429.
Bernal, Luis, and Luis Bilbao. "Speed of light demonstration using Doppler beat." European Journal of Physics 39.3 (2018): 035704.
Bilbao, Luis, and Gonzalo Rodriguez Prieto. "On the Measurement of the Resistivity in an Exploding Wire Experiment." IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 46.3 (2018): 466-473.
Bilbao, Luis, and Gonzalo Rodríguez Prieto. "Neutral Copper Gas Resistivity Measurements by Means of an Exploding Wire in Air." Applied Sciences 7.8 (2017): 829.
Guillermo Szigety, Esteban, Luis Bernal, and Luis Bilbao. "Proposal of a practical laboratory work on Optical Doppler Shift in the university classroom." REVISTA EUREKA SOBRE ENSENANZA Y DIVULGACION DE LAS CIENCIAS 14.1 (2017): 135-143.
Bilbao, Luis. "Comment on “Observational evidence for travelling wave modes bearing distance proportional shifts” by V. Guruprasad." EPL (Europhysics Letters) 115.5 (2016): 54004.
Bilbao, Luis. "Does the velocity of light depend on the source movement?." arXiv preprint arXiv:1606.03921 (2016).
Prieto, Gonzalo Rodríguez, Luis Bilbao, and Malena Milanese. "Temporal distribution of the electrical energy on an exploding wire." Laser and Particle Beams 34.2 (2016): 263-269.

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