Pablo Daniel Mininni

Head Profesor

Principal Researcher (CONICET)

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Flip Fluids And Plasmas

Research area: Fluids and Plasmas

  • Fluid dynamics
  • Turbulence
  • Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Rotating flows
  • Stratified flows
  • Atmospheric flows
  • Superfluids


I work on the numerical and theoretical study of turbulent flows, with applications in astrophysics, geophysics, and atmospheric sciences. In the field of fluid dynamics, my expertise includes parallelization methods for computational fluid dynamics, the application of statistical methods for the characterization and analysis of turbulent flows, spectral analysis of multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena, and sub-grid modeling for turbulent flows. Applications include the solar cycle and turbulent dynamos, magnetic reconnection, rotating and stratified turbulence, and superfluid turbulence. Recently, I also became interested in experimental aspects of fluid dynamics applied to the study of geophysical flows.

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