Ariel Kleiman

Main Teaching Assistant

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Electric Discharges Laboratory

Research area: Fluids and Plasmas

  • Coatings
  • Surface treatment


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Selected publications

A. Kleiman, M. Xaubet, A. Márquez. Nanostructured Films by Physical Vapor Deposition for Photocatalytic Applications. en M.I. Litter and A. Ahmad (Eds.), Industrial Applications of Nanoparticles – A Prospective Overview.
ISBN 9781032024769. Pág. 256-284. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 2023.

A. Kleiman, J.M. Meichtry, M. Xaubet, D. Grondona, M.I. Litter, A. Márquez. Efficiency of cathodic arc-grown N-doped TiO2 films for the photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) under UV-Vis irradiation. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 56 (2023) 495303.

A. Kleiman, C. Peralta, I. Abinzano, D. Vega, E. Halac, A. Márquez, C. Acha. Tuning the active interface in TiO2 thin film-based memristors prepared by PVD. Ceramics International 49 (2023) 14563-14570.

A. Kleiman, J.M. Meichtry, D. Vega, M.I. Litter, A. Márquez. Photocatalytic activity of TiO2 films prepared by cathodic arc deposition: Dependence on thickness and reuse of the photocatalysts. Surface & Coatings Technology 382 (2020) 125154.

L.M. Franco Arias, A. Kleiman, D. Vega, M. Fazio, E. Halac, A. Márquez. Enhancement of rutile phase formation in TiO2 films deposited on stainless steel substrates with a vacuum arc. Thin Solid Films 638 (2017) 269-276.

M. Fazio, D. Manova, D. Hirsch, E. Valcheva, A. Kleiman, S. Mändl, A. Márquez. Depth-resolved study of hydrogen-free amorphous carbon films on stainless steel. Diamond & Related Materials 74 (2017) 173-181.

D. Manova, L. Franco Arias, A. Hofele, I. Alani, A. Kleiman, I. Asenova, U. Decker, A. Marquez, S. Mändl. Nitrogen incorporation during PVD deposition of TiO2:N thin films. Surface & Coatings Technology 312 (2017) 61-65.

M. Fazio, D. Vega, A. Kleiman, D. Colombo, L.M. Franco Arias, A. Márquez. Study of the structure of titanium thin films deposited with a vacuum arc as a function of the thickness. Thin Solid Films 593 (2015) 110-115.

A. Kleiman, D.G. Lamas, A.F. Craievich, A.Márquez. X-ray reflectivity analysis of titanium dioxide thin films grown by cathodic arc deposition. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 14 (2014) 3902-3909.

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A. Kleiman, A. Márquez, H. Kelly. Ion emission in a dc titanium cathodic arc operated with oxygen. Physica Scripta T131 (2008) 014005.

A. Kleiman, A. Márquez, R.L. Boxman. Performance of a magnetic island macroparticle filter in a titanium vacuum arc. Plasma Sources Science & Technology, 17 (2008) 015008.

A. Kleiman, A. Márquez, D.G. Lamas. Anatase TiO2 films obtained by cathodic arc deposition. Surface & Coatings Technology, 201 (2007) 6358-6362.

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