Gustavo Grinblat

Main Teaching Assistant

CONICET Adjoint Researcher

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Quantum Electronics Laboratory

Research area: Optics and Photonics

  • Nanophotonics
  • Plasmonics
  • 2D Materials
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Ultrafast optics


• Dielectric, metallic, and hybrid nanoantennas.
• 2D perovskites and transition metal dichalcogenides.
• Harmonic generation and wave mixing on the nanoscale.
• Surface-enhanced spectroscopies.
• All-optical ultrafast modulation.

Selected publications

• G. Grinblat, M. P. Nielsen, P. Dichtl, Y. Li, R. F. Oulton, S. A. Maier. "Ultrafast sub-30 fs all-optical switching based on Gallium Phosphide". Science Advances 5, eaaw3262 (2019).

• I. Abdelwahab, G. Grinblat, K. Leng, Y. Li, X. Chi, A. Rusydi S. A. Maier, K. P. Loh. "Highly-Enhanced Third Harmonic Generation in 2D Perovskites at Excitonic Resonances". ACS Nano 12, 644-650 (2018).

• G. Grinblat, R. Berté, M. P. Nielsen, Y. Li, R. F. Oulton, S. A. Maier. "Sub-20 fs All-Optical Switching in a Single Au-Clad Si Nanodisk". Nano Letters 18, 7896–7900 (2018).

• T. Shibanuma, G. Grinblat, P. Albella, S. A. Maier. "Efficient third harmonic generation from metal–dielectric hybrid nanoantennas". Nano Letters 17, 2647–2651 (2017).

• J. Cambiasso, G. Grinblat, Y. Li, A. Rakovich, E. Cortés, S. A. Maier. "Bridging the gap between dielectric nanophotonics and the visible regime with effectively lossless GaP nanoantennas". Nano Letters 17, 1219–1225 (2017).

• G. Grinblat, Y. Li, M. P. Nielsen, R. F. Oulton, S. A. Maier. "Efficient third harmonic generation and nonlinear subwavelength imaging at a higher-order anapole mode in a single germanium nanodisk". ACS Nano 11, 953-960 (2017).

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